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Keep Your Business YOUR Business

Which Uninvited Partner Awaits You?

Your partner’s Selfie-Obsessed Daughter

Your partner’s Slothful Son

Your partner’s Know-It-All Husband

PartnerShield simplifies what can be a complex risk situation related to the death of a partner. With a single point of contact we will work with your company to put together a highly tailored solution fitting your specific needs to mitigate business disruption and make sure that you “Keep your business YOUR business.”

The partners and consultants behind PartnerShield have assisted hundreds of companies around the country establish new resources that protect all of the company’s partners against unexpected and undesirable outcomes.

PartnerShield believes that business risks can be controlled or avoided with simple and straightforward tools that are neither difficult nor expensive. PartnerShield consults with clients to assess their partnership situation, evaluate future liquidity, and identify seamless ownership transition options.

PartnerShield consultants engage in a simplified process that is friendly, uncomplicated, and quick. Consultations are free and no purchase is necessary. PartnerShield consistently receives the highest marks from its clients.

How Healthy Is Your Business Partnership?

Find out now with the 8 Question Business Partner Checkup

What separates PartnerShield from the pack is their deep understanding that what does impacts your business and life. They take that responsibility to heart, and see beyond the numbers, and ensures they are helping the person, not just "the account."

– D.S., Pittsburg

PartnerShield not only made me aware of a major risk we were taking, but also helped us solve it painlessly and economically. Now my partners, my family and I are all sleeping better at night.

– A.M., Fort Lauderdale

PartnerShield gave me piece of mind. Protecting my business in an ever-changing and challenging environment is a huge priority. PartnerShield’s expertise, level of service, and industry knowledge made achieving this priority very easy.

– D.G., Boston

Does Your Business Have These?

If not, it's time.

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